Towma Release So Much Video 29th October 2012

Again with the help of the refreshingly generous Simon Wood of Noodle Studio Records we captured this little number over the summer.

One admits to editing this footage myself and it took some time... but the product has been pretty well recieved so far!

With more energy than a 1 year old kitten on Christmas morning I give you Butterfly Chance...

Sexual Video Action from Redstone Collective 18th October 2012

As our ever beautiful front lady Chez Taylor would say and in fact has said...these new videos are tasty treats of schexyness.

I have to quote Chez because as I edited the videos it would come across a spot self interested to say the least.

Audio was produced by the wonderful Simon Hendry of Class6Productions.

Covering the Sun with Towma 12th July 2012

With the help of the refreshingly generous Simon Wood of Noodle Studio Records Towma shot a lil video.

Using Cheryl's up and coming single Under the Sun as a canvas of simplicity and catchynessness we re-arranged, funked up and re-harmonised her work to create our own little summer related tickle.

New Demo Videos 22nd June 2012

The clue really is in the title.

In March I was at Broadwood Music Productions in Kent for a cheeky two day session for Nick Wood. We actually slid all the drums down in the first day so in the following I played on a new track and tagged a little drum demo recording on to the end.

The recordings were then mixed and mastered by my good friend Simon Hendry of Class 6 Productions, and yesterday I finally found them time to put the videos together!

With the exception of the Solos video they are all grooves either taken or inspired by the drumming of Steve Jordan, J. J. Johnson and Matt Chamberlain on John Mayer tracks.

Towma Win Windor's Battle of the Bands 15th April 2012

With a dislike of vote based talent competitions that turn into “who has the most readily available friends” competitions, we entered Windsor’s Battle of the Bands as it was professionally judged.

The judges were Sean Hunt, booker for Sub89 and Dingwalls, producer Jason Fonfe and BBC Introducing’s Linda Serck.

Cutting to the chase, they loved us and we won. Linda was especially complimentary and it was great to have some industry professionals place their stamp of approval on our music.

See for more photos.

Mark Stormont | Blog - Towma @ Windsor's Battle of the Bands Mark Stormont | Blog - Towma @ Windsor's Battle of the Bands

Redstone Secure BBC Dates 17th February 2012

Redstone Collective have solidified their connections with the BBC Club and have secured dates performing at the BBC Television Centre and the BBC Bar on Greatportland Street every fortnight.

See for details of the latter gigs which are open to the public.

Time is Towma, and Time is a GoGo 4th February 2012

Barely has the smoke cleared from the realease of our Fraudster video and the explosive impact it had on the world of music and we have been shooting a video for our song Candle due for release in May. And if that wasn't enough we have started work on an EP or non-EP, (depends which member of the band you talk to), which will include three of our latest songs.

We are producing this our selves with a little help from our Friend Will Udall and excitement is significant shall we say.

Towma Release Fraudster Video 31st January 2012

Busy times for Towma, armed with our new bassist Will Davies we have been working hard, gigging well at the Bedford and The Spice of Life and I have just finished production on our latest video.